Many of our team gymnasts began by attending a birthday party or recreational class and found they had a passion for the sport. The training required to compete requires commitment. This commitment is rewarded by a sense of accomplishment and a level of physical fitness that few people achieve.

Our gymnastics teams are supported by active booster clubs that work to support the team activities. These clubs coordinate travel plans to meets throughout the season as well as arrange activities for team gymnasts and their families to socialize outside of the gym. These clubs are a great way for parents and supporters of team gymnasts to take an active role in the lives of their gymnasts.

Each of our gymnastics teams compete for the State of Tennessee which is part of the Region VIII Women’s District within USAG competition.



Girls Team


Appalachian Tumbling and Gymnastics is proud to offer competitive girls gymnastics programs for all skill level athletes. Our girls team compete in one of three categories of USAG sanctioned events: Xcel Program, Junior Olympic Compulsory Program or Junior Olympic Optional Program.


"To accomplish great things we must not only act, but dream. Not only plan, but also believe."-Anatole FranceAs you spend time in the gym, you will hear terms referring to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. These are all terms for the Xcel program. This program is a great way to begin competition and prepare for the Junior Olympic Optional Program.


The Junior Olympic Compulsory Program is referred to by “Level”. You will commonly hear gymnasts state they are a Level 4, Level 5 or Level 6 gymnast. Level 4 is considered by USAG to be the highest level within their Developmental Program, but is commonly used in the state of Tennessee as the beginning level for competition at most meets. Level 5 and Level 6 are the official Compulsory Levels as sanctioned by USAG. It is common to refer to any gymnast within these three levels as participating in the Compulsory Program.


The Junior Olympic Optional Program is also referred to by the level number. The Optional program consists of Level 7 through Level 10. The training commitment for this program consists of 16 hours per week in the gym.





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