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Preschool: Our preschool program is where every child learns the basics of gymnastics. We spend a lot of time upside down!  We begin to do station rotations and take turns with our teammates.


Benefits of gymnastics for preschool age:

  • Gymnastics Develops Cognitive Skills
  • Develop Strong and Healthy Bones
  • Gymnastics Aids In Strength Development
  • Increased Coordination
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Meet Their Daily Exercise Needs
  • Prevent Diseases
  • Gymnastics Helps To Create Discipline


Toddlers: Our toddler program keeps your child active! They will work their way through the gym climbing, hanging, balancing, and running through our obstacle courses.  The obstacle courses incorporate all of the apparatus used in gymnastics. Balance beam, bars, spring boards, incline mats for tumbling!


Benefits of gymnastics for toddlers:

  • Vestibular – sense of balance
  • Proprioception – understanding space and position
  • Social Skills – taking turns, sharing, peer interaction



Rec: Our recreational program ranges from ages 5 and up.  These classes are divided by age and skill level.  Gymnastics is one of the sports that age and level do not always line up.  Handstands and cartwheels are some of the basics that are taught in the beginning classes.  Learning to run and jump/punch with two feet onto another surface, different walks on the balance beams, and pulling up and pushing up on the bars are also all beginning skills in gymnastics.  Our recreational program also has a skill progressive advancement.  Ex. Once handstands and cartwheels are mastered you may move to another class to learn bridge kick overs and round offs.  The same applies with each event.  Included in these classes are a consistent stretch and conditioning program for each age/level.

Tumbling: Provides boys and girls with instruction in the fundamentals of tumbling. Students work at their own pace, using basic trampoline and floor skills to develop the more advanced tumbling skills such as those found in competitive trampoline and tumbling. These skills can be carried over into other sports as well such as martial arts, snowboarding, skiing, and cheerleading. Each tumbling class is designed to teach proper body positioning and alignment through progressive drills and strength conditioning to ensure proper skill development to progress through each level. Call for more information.


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