Dulci Miller


Dulci has over 20 years of experience with children. Dulci has worked with gymnasts in many ways and in many settings including Vacation Bible School and preschool. She has coached at all levels from parent/child classes through Junior Olympic Optional Program levels for the past 10 years.

Dulci is experienced in the TOPs and HOPEs programs. TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program), is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaches. During the months of June and July gymnasts age 7-10 are evaluated on physical abilities at the state or regional level. These dates are set by your State TOP manager in conjunction with the National TOP Manager. HOPEs program is a modified pre-Elite program dedicated to gymnasts ages 10-12.

As the Floor Manager at ATG, Dulci is responsible for weekly lesson plans, girls team program, coach training, and organizing special events. You may also see her working PNO (Parents' Night Out), birthday parties, or field trips!


“I love to watch the excitement on the kids faces when they come in to the gym. No matter if it is for a recreational class, birthday, PNO, or a team athlete who has learned a new skill, there is always excitement!”


Ciera Miller


Head Optional Team Coach, Ciera has been involved in the sport of gymnastics since age two.  She competed in the sport for 12 years, competing at State, Regional, and National levels.  He greatest accomplishment has been Level 9 AA Champion at State, Regionals, and Nationals!  She is now a coach and enjoys sharing her knowledge and love for the sport with her team.   She has coached athletes to State and Regional Levels.  You will see her coaching athletes of all ages and levels and may even catch her playing around on her favorite events, beam and floor!


"In my 13 years there have been smiles, tears, pain, friendships developed all over the US....I would not trade one day for anything else!  There is nothing more satisfying than to see hard work pay off.

Craig Lewis


Craig is the founder and director of Night Owl Circus Arts, the circus arts program at ATG. Night Owl Circus Arts offers classes in aerial silks, lyra, and juggling for kids and adults. They also perform at a variety of private events, and put on an annual public performance called The Night Owl Circus.

Craig's circus background goes back to his childhood when he taught himself to juggle. In 2008, he founded the East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Juggling Club, and began attending juggling conferences such as the International Juggler's Association Festival, and the Atlanta Juggler's Association Festival. He was introduced to aerial arts at San Francisco Circus Center in 2010, and later went on to train extensively in Aerial Silks at Aerial Space in Asheville, NC under Andrew Hartenagle and Blue De Leeuw, and the ETSU aerial dance program. In 2012, he became a performer with Asheville Aerial Arts. In 2013, he received his teacher training in aerial arts under Elsie Smith and Jamie Hodgson from the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) and shortly after, he founded Johnson City Circus Arts.

Craig is a lifelong entrepreneur; he also works as a professional wedding DJ and MC at Craig Lewis Weddings, and he develops and sells online studio management software for other circus schools and gymnastics gyms.

He'd like to thank his wife, Mikaela Lewis, who helps him run his businesses and always supports him in his dreams and goals.


“My favorite thing about teaching aerial silks is helping people achieve goals and dreams that they never thought they would be able to achieve - whether those goals are based on fitness, performance experiences, or technical abilities.”




Team Coach, Jackson has been involved in the sport of gymnastics since age 6.  Jackson was a competitive gymnast through level 9.  He has competed at State and Regional levels.  You will see Jackson encouraging new team members on vault and bars.  Jackson enjoys teaching the basics and fundamentals of gymnastics.




Team Coach, Caleb has been involved in gymnastics since age 6.  He was a competitor through level 10.  Caleb has also competed at State and Regional levels.  Caleb coaches a variety of classes and skill levels, focusing on bars and vault.




Toddler and Preschool Head Coach Karli competed with ATG for a couple of years and then decided she would like to be on the coaching side of gymnastics.   You will see Karli loving your children while teaching them the basics of gymnastics.  She enjoys creating new obstacle courses and fun ways to make these little ones love gymnastics as much as does!




Toddler and Preschool Coach  Allie has been with ATG for a while.  As a toddler , a preschooler, a competitive gymnast, and a coach.  Allie competed through level 8 and was very successful.  She also has a love for soccer and tennis.  She enjoys encouraging  these little ones and loves to see their smiles!




Recreational and Cheer Coach  Madison has competed with ATG and gained a desire to try coaching.  She was a successful gymnast and high school cheerleader who is preparing for college.  You will see her ready to jump into any role of coaching that is needed, always ready to focus on details.




Recreational Coach Taylor has been a gymnast, baseball player, and football player.  He loves being active and making gymnastics FUN!!  He greets all of his students with a smile and an eagerness to share all he knows!




Recreational Manager Brianna is an Exercise Science Major who competed in Power Tumbling through Level 9 .  She enjoys all aspects of fitness.  Brianna plans the strength and conditioning for all toddler, preschool, and recreational programs at ATG.  She coordinated with the coaches to make sure each athlete is making the most of their class time.  You will also see her coaching and encouraging athletes to go beyond their comfort zones and give their best!




Toddler/ Preschool Coach and Team Sports Psychology Instructor.  Corinne is a Psychology Major and enjoys the excitement of the small children and helping the older ones through mental blocks.  Gymnastics at a team level is fun and challenging at the same time.  Team athletes push themselves, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Corinne meets with them when mental blocks come up and helps them to come up with a strategy to overcome there blocks.  You will see her watching these athletes of all ages and helping them to push themselves to the next level!




Recreational / Cheer Coach Kamryn has a cheer background.  She has cheered for high school and competitively.  She enjoys teaching the basics of gymnastics and cheer.  She is a graduating senior and will continue encouraging your athletes while cheering for King University this season!!!




Recreational Coach Gianna has been involved in gymnastics since a very young age, she later focused on cheer and tumbling.  She enjoys coaching and is preparing for college next fall.  You will see Gianna using all of her creative talents with your children and through our bulletin boards and display boards throughout ATG!!




Recreational/ Advanced Gymanstics Coach  Emily has been involved in  gymnastics for many years.  She was a competitive gymnast through level 8.  She enjoys teaching the girls that with focus and hard work you can do anything!  She is an Early Childhood major and loves the sport of gymasntics!

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